Wireless technology for demanding applications

About us


Ninthway is a family owned company. We have our roots in the security & fire safety industry. We started as a wireless alarm system installer and shifted to development and manufacturering. 

Nowadays we focus on the development of high secure radio network technology, especially designed for OEM applications that demand 100% reliability, like safety, security, healthcare and building control systems. Over 20 years of experience in the field of wireless alarm systems has lead to nowaday's technology.

Some projects


The very first NTM transceiver is developed, based on years of experience on wireless communication in demanding applications.


In 2011 a special software operating system was developed, to add flexibility in use of the transceiver via a modular approach.


Ninthway develops Contact Buddy for Sensor Universe.



Ninthway develops VORN (Voice Over Radio Network), to be used for live stream audio systems, P.A. and V.A. systems.


The focus is on the development project The Care Watch, which integrates all Ninthway technology: high secure network, VORN, battery operated electronics, sensor technology...